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Now in its sixth year, Creative3 continues to bring together some of the world’s most accomplished creative game changers and leading practitioners to deliver pragmatic action-oriented insights focused on disruptive approaches to company growth.


  • 2014
  • 2013

Day 1

9:20AM > An entrepreneurs perspective on scaling a global creative business > Mitch Olson

Mitch Olson sets the scene for Creative3, offering a snap shot into forging connections, spawning new business ideas, talking issues and challenges in the creative industries, and in turn thriving. Mitch will share his own journey as a entrepreneur, and empower others to make their ideas a reality.   


9:40AM > Building, scaling and funding a global collaborative community > Kate Kendall

Kate Kendall, Founder and CEO of The Fetch will join Creative3 to discuss the role and real-world best practice of building an engaged community. Kate will impart her knowledge on getting an idea successfully to market through concept development, business matching and attracting capital and investment. 


11:00AM > The evolution of entrepreneurship > Stephen Phillips

Stephen Phillips, Product Manager of Twitter #music will join Creativeto discuss his journey as an entrepreneur and how he grew and scaled his music tech start-up, We Are Hunted, which was recently acquired by Twitter. Stephen’s real-world insights into securing investment, exiting his start-up and the evolution of entrepreneurship will provide a meaningful glimpse into some of the realities start-ups face at all levels. 



  • Stephen Phillips
11:30AM > Designing in the digital age > Jess Huddart

As Creative Director of design-led digital studio Josephmark, Jess Huddart creates sustainable, culture-led design that reconnects people with what really matters. Jess joins Creative3 to discuss designing in the digital age, innovating through interdisciplinary collaboration and the value of embracing community.


12:00PM > Empowering Filmmakers and Fans > David King Lassman

Co-founder and CEO of Vyclone, David King Lassman joins Creative3 to discuss real-time collaborative content creation, and the co-creation technology driving the revolution. Vyclone’s game-changing technology synchronises and edits multiple users’ clips to create a seamless multi-camera narrative, and combines multiple perspectives to tell the whole story of a shared moment.

1:40PM > Redefining financial support and the power of community in the creative industries > Rick Chen

Co-Founder of crowdfunding platform, Pozible, Rick Chen shares pragmatic insights on crowdfunding, scaling a global creative business, and raising capital in the creative industries. This session will spark collaboration and inspire solutions to funding challenges for future and established creative practitioners.


2:10PM > Co-sharing, Co-working and Collaboration > Liu Yan

Many who work independently are discovering alienation lurking behind the home-office fantasy, and are turning to a new generation of co-working organisations who can provide a hive to be happy and productive. This session discusses how working closer together can inspire collaboration. 


2:40PM > Learning to embrace risk and take action quickly > Lisa Messenger

Editor-in-Chief and CEO of The Messenger Group, Lisa Messenger was bold and visionary from the beginning - launching issue one of Renegade Collective in newsstands, supermarkets, travel and airport stores nationally. The magazine’s distribution is now truly global with it being distributed in 12 other countries. Lisa discusses her insights as an entrepreneur including her approach to investment, risk and executing ideas from day one.   


3:10PM > Attracting capital: Insights into Australia’s Creative Enterprise Fund > John Hummelstad

Chairman of QUT Creative Enterprise Australia’s Creative Enterprise Fund, John Hummelstad takes a strategic approach to business. John joins Creative3 to discuss the Fund, and taking small, start-up companies and transforming them into global industry leaders. 



4:10PM > Unplugging the last cable > Fady Mishriki

Fady Mishriki is Co-Founder and Executive Vice President of PowerbyProxi – an Auckland based wireless power company leading the world in innovation and development of wireless power and data solutions for consumer electronics and industrial applications. In this session Fady will share insights and key learning’s from the growth and commercialisation of PowerbyProxi, while exploring the growing influence of wireless power and providing a glimpse into a world unrestricted by the power cable.


4:40PM > Why your next CEO will be a designer > Patrick van der Pijl

Innovating business models should be at the core of any company nowadays. The business model canvas is adopted by many companies but most are still at the beginners level. Masters of business model design and innovation understand the need for new tools and new skills to compete internationally. So what are new tools, skills and how can you integrate them into your company strategy and DNA to master your business model strategy? Patrick van der Pijl returns to Australia to discuss strategic tools, skills and mindsets for expanding your thinking about your future and to make strategy part of everyone's job.

6:00PM > Networking Soiree at GLNG Santos City of Lights

Providing delegates with the chance to see the city skyline and river explode in a visual celebration of pure grandeur, Creative3 is holding a networking soiree overlooking the Santos GLNG City of Lights show. Special guests Hon. Ian Walker MP, Minister for Science, Information Technology, Innovation and the Arts, Noel Staunton, Artistic Director of Brisbane Festival and Glenn Turner, Oracle Attractions Laser and Water Designer will join the soiree. After the evening’s festivities, delegates are encouraged to attend a choice of productions as part of Brisbane Festival’s 2013 program.

Day 2

9:00AM > Advanced-level masterclass // Welcome > Patrick van der Pijl

Now the business model canvas is adopted by so many companies how do you integrate this into your business? 

In this session with business model strategist, Patrick van der Pijl you will learn to apply a practical business model and scenario strategy, and how to invent, design, and transform business models appropriate to any business sector. 

The highly-interactive half-day masterclass will be a mix between hands-on practice, Q&A, group sessions and presentation, and will prepare you to apply the new tools, skills and ideas in your field of work.

By focusing on methods to boost future growth, you will have:

  • Learnt and applied a practical business model and scenario strategy
  • Appreciated powerful examples of the two methodologies of business model design and scenario planning
  • Explored druptive and game-changing techniques to boost future growth and manage the future
  • Learnt to invent, design, and transform business models appropriate to any business sector
9:10AM > Advanced-level masterclass // Scenario Planning > Patrick van der Pijl
  • Understanding what scenario planning is & why it is important today
  • Exploring the concept of uncertainties – highly important & highly uncertain
  • Introduce scenario planning matrix – macro conditions (stable/volatile) & system of ideas (open/closed)
  • Discuss critical drivers impacting on business
10:45AM > Advanced-level masterclass // Business Modeling > Patrick van der Pijl

»  Introduction to business modeling

»  Understanding why different challenges need different skills

»  Introduction to the business model process 2.0 including business model canvas, vision canvas & context canvas

» Explanation of the business model process & techniques

12:45PM > Advanced-level masterclass // Scenario Planning & Business Models > Patrick van der Pijl

»  How to use scenario planning & business model methodologies to help design new business

» New trends & uncertainties driving changes in industry

»  Key learnings of business model innovation & scenario planning best practice including new design tools & processes emerging, ways to get started, pitfalls to avoid & successful tips

2:00PM > Networking Afternoon Tea

Venue: Old Government House

Set amongst the peaceful surrounds of Garden’s Point is historic building, Old Government House - the perfect venue to wind down and debrief over a cup of tea and some sweet treats, and celebrate the conclusion of Creative3 2013.

Day 1

9:15AM > Official welcome

An official welcome by a QUT Creative Enterprise Australia representative.

9:30AM > Speaker 1: Megan Brownlow – Executive Director, Editor of Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook, pwc > Megan Brownlow

Megan Brownlow

Executive Director, Editor of Australian Entertainment & Media Outlook,

Future trends in media and entertainment 2014–2018

Megan will share the latest trends and projections on what will be most important for entertainment and media sectors in Australia over the next 5 years. The changing landscape will be chartered through pwc’s media and entertainment trend research with application to the media, technology, communications, retail and financial services sectors. Megan will also discuss consumer and media consumption habits — what has changed and how Australians will view entertainment and news in the future.


10:00AM > Speaker 2: Jonathan Chippindale – CEO and Co-Founder, Holition > Jonathan Chippindale

Jonathan Chippindale
CEO and Co-Founder

Augmented retail—technological disruption in the retail space: what is it and are you ready?

Jonathan works with luxury fashion clients where money is no object and the customer experience is everything. His company, Holition, works to push the boundaries and blur digital and physical retail to create stimulating shopping sensations. Learn what is being done at the forefront of technology in marketing the world’s most prestigious brands and how it can apply to your business.

11:15AM > Speaker 3: Steve Sammartino – Author and Entrepreneur > Steve Sammartino

Steve Sammartino
Author and Entrepreneur

Been there. Done that. Meet the serial entrepreneur.

Steve leads a life with a ‘just do it’ attitude starting several successful businesses, dabbling in the corporate world, writing blogs and books, and when he’s not doing all that, founding Australia’s first new car manufacturer in 30 years and pulling off Lego stunts for fun! Steve understands startup and established businesses, how to make sense of emerging technology and he will show you how to use this technology in your business to innovate.


11:45AM > Speaker 4: David Briskin – Former Shareholder and CEO, sass & bide and Mimco > David Briskin

David Briskin
Former Shareholder and CEO, sass & bide and Mimco
sass & bide

Investing in fashion: the best kept secret

David will talk about his first-hand experience in fast fashion growth through his leadership of successful brands sass & bide and Mimco. With personal investment and commitment, David has proven what can be achieved by applying business smarts to high-potential companies in the fast moving world of fashion.


12:15PM > Speaker 5: Jennifer Zanich – Co-Founder, Paloma Mobile > Jennifer Zanich

Jennifer Zanich
Paloma Mobile

From one idea to one billion users

Jennifer is working to deliver data-efficient services to run on low-cost phones in emerging markets. She raised $1.5 Million in Australia to get Paloma Mobile off the ground and has founded several other successful tech companies. Jennifer will talk about her experience in starting up, capital raising, and growing a scalable business with a focus on international markets.


1:50PM > Panel: David Briskin, Jennifer Zanich, Steve Sammartino > David Briskin, Jennifer Zanich, Steve Sammartino

What is the state of startup investment in Australia?

Are Australian entrepreneurs leaving in droves to secure  investment?. What are the realities of starting and growing a business as well as securing investment in Australia? Do startups need to leave our shores to grow? Is Australia just as good, as or even better than Silicon Valley, London or Singapore?

Our panel of experts will discuss current challenges for Australian startups and investors in raising early stage capital. 

  • David Briskin was an investor and key strategic leader behind the international expansion of Australian fashion brands sass & bide and Mimco.
  • Co-Founder of Paloma Mobile Jennifer Zanich has started many successful businesses and has raised millions of dollars in capital domestically and internationally.
  • Steve Samartino is a serial entrepreneur and investor who has advocated for and fostered Australian startups for over 10 years.
2:40PM > Workshop 1: Bec Brideson - Founder, Executive Creative Director, Venus Communications > Bec Brideson

Bec Brideson
Founder, Executive Creative Director, Venus Communications

The qualities of an Entrepreneur and what’s holding you back?

“Cardiology” is a fast exercise using your gut instincts and listening to your heart.  It provides a critical snapshot analysis of how self-perceptions are played out in your quest to succeed. This will tell you how much transformational change is desired and needed for you to become the entrepreneur you want to be.
This activity is designed to identify personal characteristics that describe an individual’s current behaviours and characteristics. Step by step, participants can gain insight into how she or he needs to feel, change and think in order to become their Ideal Entrpreneurial-Self. All participants leave having identified three powerful changes they can make straight away.
This is an interactive session and will work best on an ipad, tablet, or laptop. Attendees will be asked to log in to a site and participate real-time with the bespoke exercise. (Those without access to technology can use a piece of paper, a black pen and a red marker pen.)


3:50PM > Speaker 6: Bec Derrington – Founding Director, SourceBottle > Bec Derrington

Bec Derrington
Founding Director

Bottling ideas with impact

Bec spotted an opportunity for time and resource poor journos to fast find a credible source for their news articles. Her startup, SourceBottle, is rapidly growing as a definitive platform to connect with trusted news stories. Bec will show you how to recognise and make a go of a good idea, get it up and running and how to attract both users and paid subscribers onboard to your business.


4:20PM > Speaker 7: Christopher Stubbs – Manager, Brand Strategy & Innovation, Virgin Australia > Christopher Stubbs
Christopher Stubbs
Manager, Brand Strategy & Innovation
Virgin Australia
Design-led thinking for business innovation
Design-led thinking goes well beyond aesthetics. It is a completely different approach to decision-making and doing business. Christopher is a champion of customer-centric change who uses design-led thinking to deliver innovations for competitive advantage at Virgin Australia. He will show how to develop an outside-in mind-set, put the customer at the centre of business decisions and make design-led innovation a central part of company culture. Christopher will share how to successfully generate and implement creative ideas and collaborate across multi-disciplinary teams to deliver an end-to-end experience that exceeds customer expectations. 
5:00PM > Networking event

The Creative3 networking event is an opportunity to meet like-minded creatives in a fun, social and celebratory atmosphere. This event is complimentary for 2-day and 1-day pass holders. Held in the Brisbane Convention & Exhibition Centre, the Creative3 networking event is in the heart of the Brisbane Festival and associated programs and festivities.

Day 2

8:30AM > Registration opens

Registrations are now open for Creative³ 2014.

Join us with creative entrepreneurs and professionals at our biggest Creative³ ever!
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9:00AM > Morning welcome

A morning welcome and updates provided to delegates.

9:15AM > Speaker 8: Simon Moss – Co-Founder and CEO ImageBrief > Simon Moss

Simon Moss
Co-Founder and CEO

Scaling creativity for capital investment

Simon Moss will share his journey in building crowd-sourcing photo image marketplace startup, ImageBrief which is driving creative change for photographers and agencies. Simon will provide insights on identifying a market opportunity, scaling his business vision and how tenacity is the hallmark of securing capital. ImageBrief has recently secured angel investment in Australia and $3.2 million US venture funding to further resource ImageBrief’s global growth.


9:45AM > Speaker 9: Ben Fogarty – Founder and CEO, Shorthand > Ben Fogarty

Ben Fogarty
Co-Founder and CEO

Reimagining publishing

Shorthand helps news and media organisations transform fantastic content into captivating/compelling story experiences for the online readers. Hear about Ben’s business growth in scaling his idea to reality and how he juggles his international expansion. Gain key insights on his business success and how his new technology is providing tools for writers to adapt their stories for new platforms and audiences.


10:45AM > Speaker 10: Alexandra Keating – CEO & Co-Founder, DWNLD Media > Alexandra Keating

Alexandra Keating
CEO & Co-Founder, DWNLD Media

Digital disruption in a tech startup world

Alexandra Keating is a digital native with a world of startup experience. She is co-founder and CEO of the recently launched, DWNLD Media, a user-friendly mobile app development platform. She will share her personal story and the lessons she’s learned, from her first online start-up, GoFundraise, at just 20-years old in Australia through to her current work leading her New York based team. Alexandra will give insights into how to scale a business, setting 6-12 month goals and key lessons in attracting seed and growth investment. 

11:15AM > Speaker 11: James Boyce – Creative Director and Founding Partner, Grumpy Sailor > James Boyce

James Boyce
Creative Director and Founding Partner
Grumpy Sailor

Life at the bleeding edge

Exceptional creativity should be hard fought, and is often hard won. Failures can often be your biggest successes. James will talk about how the Grumpy Sailor team together with Google's Creative Lab invent digital experiences and will discuss some of the challenges they face everyday. He will share ways you can use creativity as a catalyst for storytelling and problem solving for your own business.


12:00PM > Speaker 12 & 13: Jared Fossey & Kate Symons – Customer Experience Designers, Bupa > Jared Fossey, Kate Symons

Jared Fossey & Kate Symons
Customer Experience Designers

Customer experience design
Jared and Kate work together at Bupa to deliver a cohesive customer experience across every touchpoint. They will provide an interactive session to demonstrate the key to understanding customers’ emotional and behavioural drivers and how you can create effective design solutions that are all part of one brand.

1:30PM > Workshop 2: Creative Digital Engagement for Brands & Retail: Jonathan Chippindale – CEO & Co-Founder, Holition > Jonathan Chippindale

Jonathan Chippindale
CEO and Co-Founder

Creative digital engagement for brands and retail

Jonathan Chippindale, CEO and Co-Founder of the London-based augmented retail agency, Holition, will be in Australia as a keynote presenter at the Creative³ Forum and will present a dedicated workshop, Creative digital engagement for brands and retail, in Brisbane on 19 September 2014.

The workshop will cover:

  • Digital Innovation as an essential part of brand and business strategy
  • Enhanced customer experiences through future technology
  • A conversation around the toolset—online, mobile, in-store, 3D, holography, wearable technology, data visualisation
  • The issues of creating a usable brief
Holition is a 3D augmented reality solutions provider helping prestige clients promote their brands through interactive marketing. They craft premium digital experiences for pioneering luxury, premium and retail brands including, amongst others, Louis Vuitton, Dunhill, Moet, Uniqlo and BMW. Holition’s creative augmented reality, holographic, ‘touch' and wearable tech solutions bring audiences closer to brands, and connect digital with retail by delivering memorable experiences online and in-store. Their work has been installed in premium retail stores including Harrods, Selfridges, Dover Street and Bloomingdale’s New York.
As Holition CEO and Co-Founder, Jonathan Chippindale brings astute insider knowledge of premium brands along with strategic marketing and management skills. As an International Marketing Director with over twenty years of experience in luxury goods, Jonathan has a proven track record of creating value and driving sales using insights, creativity, innovation, collaboration and cultural sensitivity. He has extensive prestige marketing experience, previously working in diamond and jewellery companies DeBeers, Garrard and Asprey. His international business expertise includes roles throughout Europe, in the United States, the Middle East and the Asia-Pacific.

Jonathan is travelling for the first time to Australia exclusively to present at the Creative³ Forum for creative and tech companies, business leaders and investors.
3:00PM > Official close

Details available shortly.

This program is subject to change. Creative3 reserves the right to change speakers without notice due to unforeseen circumstances or if the need arises.